Connect Sobol to Discord

I’m going to show you a simple example of how a workflow can be built with Restspace to connect two services that you might use in a DAO in order to create a useful tool for members of the DAO. You’re looking at the No Code editor for Restspace. What we’re going to do is make a tool that when a user sends the right message to the Restpace bot installed in Discord, it will show the information on that user held in Sobol, the web 3 orgchart tool.

Restspace has service components for both Discord and Sobol which are wrappers around their APIs, standardising them so they can be used in Restspace easily.

So first we create a Discord service on our Restspace server by clicking the plus button and selecting Discord. Now you can see it available in the bar on the left, and you can configure the API keys for the Discord application which you would create before doing this. I’m just putting rubbish in here to demonstrate.

The next step is to drag Discord onto the editor so it can act as a pipeline trigger. There’s only one pipeline trigger within the Discord service component which triggers when someone writes a message in Discord. Discord is shown as a hexagon which is the symbol for a pipeline trigger.

Now we create a Sobol service. Again we configure it with API info like before. Dragging this onto the editor, we get a popup which shows us all the APIs within Sobol we might want to connect to. We choose Get User by Email.

Now we connect the Discord trigger to the input of the Sobol Get User by Email API. The Discord service gets the email of the user who wrote the message in Discord as part of the notification data the API sends.

Sobol then finds the user by their email and returns the user’s data.

Now we drag out a Terminal which represents the end of the pipeline. The data sent to the Terminal is returned to the Discord service which sends it to the Discord API and it's shown as a message in the Discord application, displaying the information about the user.

So hopefully that gives you an idea of how simple it can be to build integrations with web 3 services for DAOs or web 3 projects using Restspace. Thanks for watching.