Restspace is a tool which brings together APIs and infrastructure from across web3 and web 2 to make building the custom functions you need for DAOs and web3 projects easier for both ops people and developers.

It’s a component based system with a no code layer for non-technical people built over a low code layer which requires some development skill to use but gives you complete flexibility and customisability.

Restspace lets you build 3 broad categories of functionality, and makes it simple to integrate these:

  • Offline workflows e.g. send me a text when my account receives crypto
  • APIs e.g. give me current analytics data about the users in my Discord when I make a web request for it
  • Websites

Components in Restspace can represent integrations to 3rd party tools and applications, wrappers for infrastructure e.g. databases or file stores, or data processors. Developers can easily build and publish custom components.

It's an open source system, a web server platform built on top of the Deno runtime, which means you can host it locally, in the cloud or on the edge. We provide a hosted version.

It’s aim is to make it dramatically faster to build applications, especially when this involves integrating multiple APIs and third party services.

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