Here is our roadmap of possible features, listed in our current priority order. If you'd let us know what is most important to you that would be great.

  • Import custom and library services
  • Move to service worker JS environment to allow running on Deno, Cloudflare workers and as a service worker in the browser
  • Transfer function: move a service and it's data from one runtime to another
  • Payment service with Stripe adapter
  • URL picker control for references to file and data in JSON forms
  • Log viewer - view and filter logs generated by your services for debugging
  • Service tester: page where you set up a test request and see output and intermediate stages of pipelines and transforms
  • Mongo Db adapter
  • SQL Db adapter
  • Redis adapter
  • React client library
  • Dashboard builder
  • Git service making part or all of the file space a git repository enabling commits, pushes, pulls etc
  • Nextjs service for hosting React with SSR, with addons for connecting pages to Restspace data urls
  • Timer service which makes requests at timed intervals
  • SMS service
  • Search service with Elasticsearch adapter