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Start your DAO journey with one click

Whether you want to organise a group of friends, or thinking about revolutionising your niche with a full-fledged DAO, Restspace can cater for all of your needs.

Work with our tools, or plug-in your favourite tools with us.

We'll guide you early on, but we have made the platform as extensible as possible so when you grow, you are not limited to what we provide and can innovate at your own pace if you wish.

A flexible and open operating system, with endless possibility

Supporting you through



A place online for early members to come together.

Simplified Treasury

Create a crypto account with a single click for your initial fund.

Member gating

Design your membership via an easy to use, yet flexible member gating.


Let people register themselves as waiting to join according to your specified requirements and rules.

Launch & Funding

Token, NFT & Guest pass creation

Create your token / NFT on various chains and create simple to complex membership requirements through them, or simply, grant a guest pass.

Governance / voting

Choose how voting works, on-chain/off-chain, per token/quadratic/per member and pick your tool.

Launchpad listing

Create a fundraising campaign and access a community of valuable investors and contributors.

Legal entity

Support and framework to easily set-up legal entities for your DAO and limit liabilities for your members.

Member onboarding

Create simple onboarding workflow and analytics to measure your onboarding.


Contributor payments

Easily setup payroll and compensation workflows and manage your contributors rewards.

Workstream management

Assign tasks and work to individuals, teams or guilds.

Guilds, team & access management

Create simple to complex, token or NFT gated access management rules across your DAO.

User engagement

Create analytics on user engagement and workflows to promote it.


Advanced treasury

Diversify your treasury and create Defi integrations.

SubDAOs & multiDAOs

Create teams with inner autonomy, sub-treasuries, and structure relations and communcation between them.

Advanced guilds

Create and manage advanced guilds.

Build your tool integration workflows with...

No-code UI

Anyone in the DAO can make connections between the tools they use everyday to build the exact functionality they need to make things flow.

> restspace host /new-home_
Package spec rs-host already exists
Written service configuration at D:\Dev\rs-site\services.json
Sent services to
Sending D:\Dev\rs-site\www\css\main.css to remote url:
Sending D:\Dev\rs-site\www\img\DAO1.svg to remote url:
Sending D:\Dev\rs-site\www\img\logo-no-text-white.svg to remote url:
Sending D:\Dev\rs-site\www\img\logo2-white.svg to remote url:
Sending D:\Dev\rs-site\www\img\header-graphic.png to remote url:
Sending D:\Dev\rs-site\www\img\chains\Arbitrum.svg to remote url:
Sending D:\Dev\rs-site\www\img\chains\Avalanche.svg to remote url:

Low code layer

Technical people can dig down into code and configuration for total flexibility.

Integrate across these chains

Innovate with


Calling Devs to join the DAO of Dev Tools. To build integrations and processes that can be used by DAOs and get paid for it.

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