The static site service hosts a static site on the base path. This can be either a static files-based website or a SPA. The service has the following special configuration property:

  • divertMissingToDefault: If true, any requests which returns a 404 is served with the contents of the index.html file (this is not an instruction to the browser to divert, it is simply serving the index.html page on any url that would otherwise be a 404). This is necessary to support SPA routing.

In the admin UI, you can upload a zip file to deploy to the static site space by clicking on the service name for the static site service on the navigation bar on the left. You then get an uploader displayed in the main panel.

When hosting the static site on the root url (i.e. /), you'll need to ensure it is the last service in the service list otherwise it will catch requests for services below it.

If you host a JS framework site on a path below the root (e.g. /apps/js-app), you'll need to set the homepage property in package.json to in this example /apps/js-app