Service Catalogue

REST file services

REST files services allow for storage and retrieval of files on the path space they control.

REST JSON service

REST JSON services allow for storage and reading of JSON data. See jsonService to learn about using JSON Schema to validate and specify JSON stored, JSON record summaries, and using OData style queries. Apart from the jsonService itself, other services use similarly stored JSON files to specify an HTTP process.

userService adds validation to the basic jsonService to limit who can change which fields in a user record. It also hides the password hash on read, and hashes an updated password on write.

JSON processors

These services process JSON data based on configuration files. They are based on the fileService allowing read and write (GET and PUT) of the configuration files. Then when data is POSTed to the service at the url of a configuration file, it uses that file to determine how to process the data.

  • template: this service uses Nunjucks templating language to build an output file from the template stored on the url and the JSON data posted to the url.
  • transform: this service uses a Restspace specific JSON transform system which takes the JSON file stored at the url as a transformation definition to be applied to the JSON posted to the url.

Service orchestration

There is currently one main orchestration service:

  • pipeline: this service chains together a number of other services. It has the ability to execute services serially or in parallel or a combination.