Who and What is Restspace For?

Restspace requires a certain level of technical understanding, but can be used without coding. If you understand

  • How HTTP works
  • JSON
  • A little Javascript

you should pick it up easily.

Restspace can be used to construct the full range of backend services needed by any small or medium-sized application. It's particularly good at integrating and connecting other services. It also scales well. You can start with one Restspace server and then break out the services it contains onto other servers with very little effort.

We think it is an ideal match for front-end Javascript frameworks, and for front-end programmers who want to use those frameworks and spend the minimal effort on quickly and easily creating a suitable application back-end. We are in the process of building a Javascript SDK, but the REST APIs exposed by Restspace are very straightforward to use.

Also Restspace makes a great back-end builder for mobile applications. It's somewhat similar to Parse and Firebase in supplying all the backend needs for a mobile app, however it allows you to customise the services it supplies, and build and connect other services.